Fitness tips for teachers

10 Fitness Tips for Teachers

Fitness is the condition of being suitable, strong and healthy. It is the ability of an individual to perform specific tasks well. You can be considered to be fit only if you are healthy. Teaching can be a demanding job that requires a lot of physical and mental energy. It’s important for teachers to take[…]

qualities of a good teacher

How to become a good teacher (+6 Qualities of a good teacher)

Teaching is a noble and important profession that requires a deep commitment to knowledge, truth, and virtue. A teacher should be knowledgeable, wise, and virtuous individual who can inspire their students to learn and growA teacher is not just someone who transmits information to their students. Rather, a teacher is someone who helps their students[…]

Importance of summer tutoring

The Importance of Summer Tutoring

  Many parents and students strongly believe that summer is a time for a complete mental break from the rigors of school. While it is important to take breaks to improve performance, summer is too long a break to allow students to go without academic stimulation! The consequences of this downtime can be pretty detrimental,[…]


How to Improve Teaching Skills

  As teachers, We should always be looking for ways to improve. Teaching is a vast field; thus there are infinite possible ways that can drive improvement. Every teacher is unique, in that we all have our own individual strengths and weaknesses. To enjoy a long, successful career as a teacher, you must be willing[…]