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How Mathademy Began ...

It was during his degree college days that our co-founder Niraj Upadhyay started tutoring students for mathematics. To supplement his endeavor, he had a lifelong love for mathematics and the gist to never lose his touch at the same. While he was working his magic at his favourite subject during his engineering days, he happened to procure clients through his network of people who knew him because of his academic record.

To further his tutoring, he approached a few tutoring agencies in Mumbai. While working with them, it dawned on him that the tutoring industry, to a great extent, was unorganized in its operations and lacked formalisation.

This is when things started to get going. After a few days of sitting together and deliberating, our co-founders Niraj and Dhiraj discovered a gap that existed between the service standards of tutoring industry and the expectation of the clients, that needed to be filled. They then dived straight into finding a solution for these inconsistencies, which would kickstart their entrepreneurial goal. They interacted with people on both the sides and studied, analysed and conducted a valid research on the problems, requirements and needs of the clients and tutors.

After meeting prospective clientele, they were informed of how tough it had been for them to get access to the right tutor, even after frantically searching through scores of tutoring agencies or tutor listing websites. The tutor so found by the clients would often be unwilling to give a demo class and not turn up on time. Even if they did manage to get their hands on a suitable tutor, the next thing bothering the clients would be the perils of the tutor’s flawed accountability after getting an advance payment. Some of the clients even found their previous tutors’ professionalism dwindle right after their payment. In the worst case of unprofessionalism and deception, some tutors wouldn’t turn up. Whether it was a freelance tutor or one from a tutoring bureau, the monetary and personal safety of the clients often took a hit.

A suitable tutor, once found, could always leave for genuine or non-genuine reasons and a replacement would be tiring to find.

In such cases of jagged visibility, the clients had to plunge into finding another tutor, and again go through the cycle of hectic co-ordination. Since such experiences often sowed a seed of doubt in the clients’ minds, they longed for an entity who dispelled their reservation with regards to the one-to-one teaching model with excellent performance and reliably stark professionalism. Moreover, this was not the only side facing problems. Similarly, our co-founders identified the issues that the tutors’ side was facing. Sometimes, the tutors from listing tutoring agencies also suffered because they had to keep a track of payments and would often be deprived of their paycheck because of a delay on the part of a chosen few clients.

On one side, the clients were suffering due to the functionality related woes of the private tutoring agencies and unprofessionalism of tutors, while on the other side, tutors were having a hard time having a steady influx of clients.

The highlight of their findings was that out of all the subjects that the students were struggling with, maths was the biggest pain point . This is when the idea of Mathademy took birth. They conceived the idea of a math tutoring company that would take pride in being the most organised and accountable of its kind. At Mathademy, clients won't have to worry about finding, retaining, or running behind any tutor. It would go on to become a company whose credibility and the ability to revolutionise one-to-one tutoring would speak for itself.

Our co-founders Niraj and Dhiraj have always had an affinity for mathematics. Both these gentlemen almost always scored great marks in any and every maths test they took, be it their school exams or college exams. The defining point of Mathademy was the amalgamation of their constant brewing of sound entrepreneurial ideas and the fact that they witnessed the loopholes in the one-to-one tutoring segment and sought to create a math tutoring company at least at the national level.

Being someone who evolved to be a software wizard, Dhiraj, our technology savvy and dynamic co-founder took our operations to the next level when he created our very own online tutoring platform, so that physical distance never comes in the way of us and our clients. We now bask in goodwill that has been conferred upon us by both of our national and international clients.

Thus, Mathademy is their dream realised. We are a solid one-to-one maths tutoring company. Through our scale, we promise a great service and deliver a great service. Our co-founders Niraj and Dhiraj have built the foundations of our business on empathetic leadership and corporate splendor.

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