Our Team


Our tutors are the finest of math teaching professionals and are radically committed human beings. They not only teach, but also create neat and fabulous content that would otherwise be deemed boring by our students. Apart from their teaching skills, they are also almost always heavily saturated with other talents that they utilise to make their teaching even better. Thus, they don a lot of hats. Every assignment that they undertake and every mathematical solution that they come up with is tainted with inclusiveness and speaks volumes about their empathy and professional commitment. To say that they are the most versatile of their kind would not be an understatement.

Being a customer centric business, we prioritise our customers’ happiness and make sure they have a hassle-free experience. Our relationship managers are present throughout the duration of our clients’ association with us. They are extremely active and schedule timely demo sessions, coordinate with our tutors about the assessments, schedule the regular one-to-one classes and keep a meticulous account of the students’ and tutors’ needs. our diligent relationship managers work hard, so that our clients don’t have to be clueless about what’s actually going on with the student.

We take our clients’ feedback very seriously and have an attentive customer service team that duly addresses the complaints and queries of our online and offline clients, if they have any. They work hand in hand with our technical support team and take care of glitches that may occur in our online tutoring system, so that Mathademy can smoothly conduct online sessions of national and international clients.

We realise that it is indeed well-being and professional standing of our team members that makes our organisation what it is. Mathademy beams with pride to house such stalwarts and takes great care of their endowed math tutors and every contributing member of the team.

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Our Co-Founders


Niraj Upadhyay

A computer science graduate by qualification and a coveting entrepreneur by passion, Niraj, who loves maths to the core, set out to revamp the mode of one-to-one tutoring. He did so successfully and co-founded an education startup, following whose success, he co-founded and piloted Mathademy. He’s a people’s person thoroughly and displays his prowess in hiring, sales and financial management, the skills for which he acquired through his avid interest in and rigorous study of B2C businesses and capital market. He is also a fitness freak, and when he’s not working, he’s making sure everyone at Mathademy is in the pink of their health.

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Dhiraj Upadhyay

For a teenager who played computer games, probed algorithms and coded like he breathed, becoming a computer engineer was always a no brainer. Such was the case with Dhiraj. He obtained his engineering degree and after a stint as an analyst at a leading analytics MNC, co-founded an education startup along with Niraj. The pursuit of his entrepreneurial ambition proved to be a hit, as he created and handled the technology that went into making it triumphant. From there, he worked towards co-founding Mathademy. He is a polished software developer and an artistic brand manager. Be it for resolving technical issues or for informatic entertainment, our team members often find themselves in the company of our digital marketing wizard.

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