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If most of humanity’s questions about the universe have been answered with time, then mathematics will surely take the crown for its philanthropy towards the same. As early humans, we studied maths even without knowing we were dabbling in it, and once we became an advanced civilisation and introduced formal education, we realised that almost everything we do, we do it mathematically, logically.

The existence of Mathademy is predicated on this glorious subject. We aim to transform the way mathematics is taught to the students in India and across the world. We are a one-to-one math tutoring company that provides both in-home and online tutoring for school, university and post-graduation level mathematics.


What Sets Us Apart


Our strong fundamentals of providing quality maths tutoring


Our rigorous attention towards our clients’ learning needs

online platform

The integration of the best homegrown technology aided teaching in our online teaching model


Our functionality as a full-service business whose job doesn’t end at simply matching students with mathematics tutors, but whose responsibility starts after successfully doing it


Our accountability towards our true-blue mathematics tutors and most importantly, our prestigious clients


Mathademy, a name that is a combination of the words ‘math’ and ‘academy’ is reminiscent of our credo of providing a world class math tutoring experience to our clients. Through our service, we not only work for our cherished students to score better at mathematics and excel academically, but also build people who overcome the slightest of intricacies of maths by understanding and applying the subject beyond the classroom.