Career options after bsc maths

Top 9 Career Options after Maths

B.Sc Mathematics is a popular 3-year duration undergraduate course that provides a strong foundation in mathematics and its application. The program is designed to equip students with utilization and application of mathematics, analysis of numbers or related disciplines such as applied mathematics, actuarial sciences, computational mathematics, financial mathematics, pure mathematics, operational research or statistics.In this[…]

Fitness tips for teachers

10 Fitness Tips for Teachers

Fitness is the condition of being suitable, strong and healthy. It is the ability of an individual to perform specific tasks well. You can be considered to be fit only if you are healthy. Teaching can be a demanding job that requires a lot of physical and mental energy. It’s important for teachers to take[…]

Benefits of Social Media in Education

Benefits of Social Media for Students

For most people, social media is a very important part of their lives. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, opt for your favourite. Also, there’s no denying that our day is incomplete if we don’t use these sites. However, what can we really mean by social media? Is it simply restricted to FB, Instagram, WhatsApp or Twitter?[…]

Teaching Cybersecurity to kids

Cybersecurity Awareness and Tips to Prevent Cyber Crime for Students

One of the many things that make the children of today stand out is their awareness of computing devices. In the absence of state-of-the-art computers and smart phones filled with various apps such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Skype, some people did find enormous glee in living their life unfiltered. They made a great, painstaking[…]

Music and Mathematics

Mathematics in Music: Is there a Relationship?

  If people of different races across the world had to cast aside their creeds and create a list of things that they would commonly participate in, musical celebration would probably be somewhere at the top. No matter who you are or what language you speak, good music that you can groove to is something[…]