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Our tutors here at Mathademy are professionals with a great academic background, having obtained their degrees from top universities. They are not only enthusiastic about maths as a subject, but also have stellar teaching skills to back them up in this profession of tutoring. This combination of qualities ensures that our teachers are approachable for a wide range of students, so that no one type of student remains unattended.

Having a personal tutor enables the student to grasp the curriculum flawlessly and provides the convenience of having a mentor that is ready and available to tend to his or her doubts without any hindrance. This one-to-one setting of learning ensures that our tutor’s effort of teaching and the student’s hard work in learning pays off beautifully.

Wherever it is appropriate, our tutors take studying beyond the syllabus and encourage the student to gain extra knowledge that cements their academic learning as well. This helps the student in not just inching towards academic brilliance, but also enables him or her to be confident individuals and lets them have the ability to gauge things and form ideas and opinions based on their knowledge.

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    Why take the math tutoring service from Mathademy?

    Learning needs Special attention to the student’s learning needs
    We understand that every student is different and would hence need special attention. Our tutors come up with tailor made study plans for students for every sort and make sure not even single query of theirs is ignored.
    Mentors Our tutors are more than just tutors
    Our tutors, apart from being tutors, also serve as motivators and guide the student at every step of the way. Their friendly demeanor combined with excellent professional skills ensures that the student is under the wings of the possibly best mentors for maths.
    Results Coherent results
    In our setting of one-to-one learning, our tutors only focus on your child. The undivided attention a student gets from our tutor is different and unparalleled. In a group tutoring setting, every student may not be able to understand maths as the teacher’s speed of teaching will be a common one for the whole group. Our tutor has his or her focus entirely on one student at a time, and this eliminates any existent hesitancy that the student may have in asking questions. This is essential in a subject like maths and this advantage that we give to our students shows individually in their results.
    Accountability Accountability beyond teaching
    Most importantly, our tutors’ job doesn’t end at teaching. A Mathademy tutor also constantly monitors the student, takes periodic tests, and gives feedback and solutions to the parents and also implements the student’s feedback about his/her tutoring with supreme care.
    Affordable Affordable pricing
    You will find the most exquisite of our one-to-one math tutoring service being rendered to you at a rather affordable price and won’t find a more refined, professionally top-notch math tutoring at a lesser price anywhere else. After taking our service and making us a part of the student’s academic journey, you surely will be apparently seeing that we more than live up to your expectations.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. How do I get started?

    A. Please contact us at +91-9892602484 or mail us at [email protected] so that we may discuss the student's specified needs and provide you with an exceptional tutor. You can also click on the Request A Tutor section of our website and fill in and submit the form there to get started.

    Q. Who are your tutors?

    A. Our tutors are professional teachers or post-graduates with good subject knowledge and prior teaching experience. We also house a lot of industry professionals with past experience in the education industry, who wish to keep teaching in a smaller capacity. Our tutors are chosen because of their know how of mathematical teaching, their communication skills, approachable nature and the capacity to build a rapport with student.

    Q. How are your tutors chosen?

    A. Our tutors are selected by us with utmost care, after we are done assessing their qualification and experience. We meet and screen all our tutors in person.

    The tutors we interview deliver a lesson in their subject as a part of their application process. We take references relating to teaching experience and suitability for working with young people. We also ask for copy of identification and qualifications. It is only after they have successfully been found to meet these parameters, are they hired.

    Q. What regions do you service?

    A. At this point in time we provide our tutoring service in all of Mumbai city for in-home personal tutoring, along with online tutoring. We also provide online tuitions in major cities in India, such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Kolkata and have served clients internationally in countries like the US, UAE , Canada and Belgium. Our online tutoring platform is well equipped with the best of tools that aid in maths tutoring, be it any grade or level. No matter what part of the world you’re in, we are prepped to provide you first class service.

    Q. What subjects can I get help with and for what level?

    A. At Mathademy, we specialise in math tutoring and only do what we know the best. We can assist you with math tutoring for students for whom the educational grade can range right from kindergarten to 12th grade (CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, A levels, IB and all state boards) and for degree college (BCom, BSc, BEng, BA, etc.) and post-graduation (MCom, MSc, MA, MTech etc.) We also offer tutoring for test preparation (JEE Main and Advanced, CLAT, MHT-CET, SAT, GMAT, NMAT, CAT, MBA-CET etc.) Our tutors are bona fide experts in maths and their expertise is reflected across these levels.

    Q. Why should I use Mathademy’s services?

    A. We spend a lot of time looking through piles of highly qualified people’s resumes and before considering applicants as educators. There are numerous people looking for a bit of part time extra cash, but there are fewer who are committed and can teach well. We make sure we match the students who want to excel at learning with a passion driven, dynamic tutor. These are the people we look for.

    Furthermore, we do our best and have always justified our prices in the competitive marketplace and our clients tend to stick to us once they’ve tried us out!