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Want to pursue your dream of teaching?

If you are driven by the will to realise the dream of becoming a quality tutor and wish to enrich young minds with your mathematical knowledge, you will love being associated with us. At mathademy, we take pride in saying that all the members of our tribe are people who have had a lifelong tryst with maths and continue to plant the fascination of the subject in the student through their teaching skills. The one to one model of teaching enables you to display your competence in a clear and stress free way, as it allows you to see the effort and energy you channel in teaching paying off. The amount of satisfaction that you experience in this one to one setting of teaching is unparalleled and will be visibly way more than in group tutoring.

Be a part of our stellar tutoring team and help anyone from school, high school, degree college and even test aspirants have a crystal clear grasp of mathematics while you enrich yourself financially, personally and professionally.

Become an Educator!

At Mathademy, We are a friendly bunch; We welcome and read all applications. Kindly fill the form below and we'll reach out to you as soon as possible.

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    The Tutor selection process
    Apply as a Tutor
    Apply at Mathademy for tutoring job by filling in a simple form on Become an Educator page or by sending us your resume on [email protected]
    Resume shortlisting
    Our team will go through each and every resume/application and select the best of the profiles. If your resume is shortlisted for the next round, our team will get in touch with you to schedule your interview.
    Interview Process
    As part of our screening process, you will have 30-45 mins of a teaching demo and following that, a subject test on the topic that is assigned to you by our team.
    Tutor Onboarding
    If you are selected in our screening process, we will ask you to submit scanned copy of some of your documents for verification. Once it is verified by our team, you will be called to our office to sign a tutor contract agreement. At the end of this process, you will receive a final onboarding email from our side.
    Start tutoring
    You can start your tutoring journey with Mathademy within first few days of onboarding. Typically, our tutors get their first student session within a week or two.

    Why teach with Mathademy?

    Rewarding Career Turn your passion into a rewarding career
    If you’re serious about putting your maths teaching skills to good use, you’ve come to the right place. After careful selection, our trained tutors connect with the students who need them. Through this, we make sure you turn your passion for teaching into a rewarding profession with a smooth experience. Even if you’re someone with a nine to five job and wish to teach when you’re not working, we aid you in easily doing that as well, so that your dream of being a quality math tutor comes true without you leaving your job.
    Earn Money Make money while making a difference
    If you look forward to taking your teaching career a notch higher and make a difference by being a part of our team of certified tutors, you’re looking at the right company. We offer for you to work in a fulfilling and systematic environment and give you competitive pay that is at par or even better than the industry standards. We also have a great track record of timely payments to our tutors.
    Skills Hone your interpersonal and professional skills
    When you work with us, we give you all the help that you need to professionally enhance yourself. We make sure we expose you to clientele of various sorts, all while we help you develop new teaching skills so that in the long run we may also be able to contribute to your own personal and professional growth.
    Teaching Focus on tutoring
    Mathademy handles marketing, payments, technology and customer support so that you are able to solely focus on and prioritise teaching without any hassle.
    Flexible schedule Flexible work schedule
    If you work at a school, college or any other institution of similar nature or even if you have a full time corporate job, you can be an educator at Mathademy. You can let us know about the time slots in which you can operate here as a tutor, teach in those slots and be your own boss with this flexible schedule.
    What we expect from our tutors
    He/she must have sound and expansive knowledge of mathematics and must be able to produce the needed qualifications to support the same.
    He/she must have good communication skills and must be able to teach maths predominantly using the English language.
    He/she must be able to cater to a wide range of students’ personalities and teach one student at a time according to their level of mathematical understanding.
    He/she must be willing to impart knowledge about the practical aspect of maths, apart from the theoretical one, whenever the student requires it for a better grasp. This includes the derivation of formulae and why and how peculiar mathematical operations are done.
    He/she must have an approachable behaviour that motivates the student to ask them more questions and must also build a progressive student-mentor relationship that instills confidence in the student.
    He/she must learn on the go and take the new developments in mathematics syllabus in their stride and alter their manner of teaching therewith.
    He/she must display punctuality in the conduct of the given responsibilities and must be committed to providing more than just satisfactory results to our deemed clients.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What does it take to become an educator with Mathademy?

    A. * A great amount of zeal for teaching and sharing knowledge.
        * Subject expertise with relevant qualification.
        * The commitment to provide the best class of service to the clients.

    Q. How do I become an Educator?

    A. After filling the application form and submitting it, you are reviewed and then shortlisted by our subject experts. After this, you receive a call for a one-to-one interview session.

    Q. How long does it take for the application process to be completed?

    A. It depends on the time you need for preparing your demo session for the interview. If you give the interview and get selected, it is possible that you may begin teaching with us in less than 48 hours.

    Q. How does scheduling work?

    A. Working with Mathademy is flexible. Our tutors update us with the number of hours they are available for teaching and we integrate that knowledge with the client’s requirement and then create schedules. Mathademy also provides you with the flexibility to request for changes in those schedules when needed.

    Q. What are the demographics of the Mathademy tutor base?

    A. We have educators from all over India. Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore house a lot of our educators.

    Q. Do I have a full time tutoring job opportunity available?

    A. Yes, we do hire full time mathematics tutors.

    Q. How much do I get paid?

    A. We do not have flat rate for tutors because we understand that teaching is an art and needs to be rewarded accordingly.

    Our teachers are paid based on their experience, communication skills and subject expertise. We pay our tutors competitively according to the ongoing industry standards.

    Q. What is the frequency and mode of payouts?

    A. Payouts are done on monthly basis. All payouts are released in the first half of every month. We pay our tutors by cheque or direct deposit.

    Q. Do I have to pay some sort of registration fees if I apply for a job at Mathademy and get selected?

    A. No, you don’t have to pay us anything at all.